THREE gastropubs in East Lancashire have been named in the top 10 across the country.

Each year, Estrella Damm publishes a list of the best 50 gastropubs.

The Parker Arms near Clitheroe, the Freemasons at Wiswell and the White Swan at Fence flew the flag for Lancashire at the awards in Kent.

Number one was The Harwood Arms, London, with head chef Sally Abé, while top of the Lancashire representatives was the Freemasons in at third, while The Parker Arms was seventh and the White Swan was ninth.

Steve Smith, of the Freemasons at Wiswell, said: “If you look at the competition and finishing third, we are hundreds of miles away from the top two.

“I think it shows that, in Lancashire, we are good at making great food and also having gastropubs.

“People of Lancashire should be proud, visit and approach what is our strength, as there are three in the top 10.”

Chef patron, Stosi Madi from the Parker’s Arms, near Clitheroe, said: “It is amazing as this is our sixth year in the top 50 and we have gone from eighth to seventh.

“Everyone says it is a male dominated industry but actually it is a hard job for men and women and that this years winner no 1 spot is won by a woman which is paving the way for other women and I'm in at number seven which means two women smashing it in the top 10.

“The top 50 gastropubs gives a podium as it is judged by your peers and industry heavyweights so to get into it is great.”

Gareth Ostrick, of the White Swan, said: “We placed last year as the highest climbing new entry at 19th so to have moved into the top 10 in two years is great and we are overjoyed and delighted to be there. The next step is a place in the top three next year.”

Top 50 Gastropubs editor Nicholas Robinson said: “It has taken 11 years for a London gastropub to make it to the number one spot on the Top 50 Gastropubs list and I couldn’t think of a more worthy venue.”

James Healey, UK Country Manager for Estrella Damm, said: “This is the fifth year that we have sponsored the Estrella Damm Top 50 Gastropub Awards, an awards ceremony that celebrates high calibre ingredients, culinary excellence and innovation, qualities that are also shared by Estrella Damm. We want to extend our congratulations to all 50 gastropubs on the list and hope more pub-goers are lucky enough to experience their talent in 2020.”

The Top 50 Gastropubs list, now in its 11th year, ranks the UK’s best gastropubs according to the votes from more than 400 gastropub owners, food critics and other industry experts.

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