RESIDENTS have released CCTV footage of a taxi driver urinating on a fly-tipping site in their bid to get bosses to clamp down on the behaviour.

Last week, residents on a Blackburn estate contacted the Lancashire Telegraph to say they were at their ‘wits’ end’ due to a huge pile of fly-tipped rubbish near their homes – which was made worse by ‘disgusting’ taxi drivers ‘using it as a toilet’.

The site, on Morecambe Road, has been littered with old sofas, mattresses, fridges, carpets and household waste since way before Christmas.

And now, CCTV footage has emerged which shows one driver, from Blackburn-based City Taxis, pulling up in his vehicle, getting out of his car and walking into the bushes near the site, before relieving himself, getting back in his taxi and driving away.

The footage, taken at the end of August, belongs to a resident of Fishmoor Drive, who did not wish to be named.

The resident said: “It’s about time there was something done to stop the dumping of waste and taxi drivers getting out of their cars all the time to relieve themselves.

“The taxi driver was made to come round and apologise, which he did, but this is not what my kids want to see from their bedroom window in a morning, or in fact, any time of the day.”

Another resident, who can also see the mess from her house, said the dumped rubbish was bad enough, but taxi drivers using the site as a toilet was ‘disgusting’.

She said: “Taxi drivers are always going in there to relieve themselves and we have reported this to the council and the taxi firms. It’s disgusting.

“Last Saturday, another taxi driver did the same thing.

“I think the council have now put a camera on the lamppost facing the opening to the site.

“I’ll be ringing the council to report the incident.”

This comes days after three women were caught urinating against a family home and a woman was captured defecating near a mini bus in Blackburn.

Manager of City Taxis, Rana Khan said: “We are not aware of the latest incident or any footage of it, and our offices are closed over weekends.

“We operate Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm, but our call centre for bookings is open 24 hours.

“However, no-one should be urinating outside the designated places anyway (i.e private or public WC). We are not aware of any of our drivers other than the one last year and we had words with him.

“We have a robust feedback procedure in place via our website and encourage people to use this portal to highlight any feedback.”