A MAN subjected a 17-year-old girl to a prolonged and brutal assault because she wouldn't let him look at her phone.

Blackburn magistrates heard the girl was repeatedly punched and then Sohail Akram put on one of his shoes before kicking her.

He completed the attack by lashing her with an electrical extension cable.

The court heard Akram also transferred £550 from his mother's account without her knowledge.

And when he was ordered to pay £550 compensation to his mum and £200 to the girl he asked: "Why?"

Akram, 20, of Larch Street, Nelson, pleaded guilty to fraud and assault.

He was made subject to a community order for two years with 10 days rehabilitation activity requirement and 150 hours unpaid work.

As well as the compensation he was made subject to a restraining order for 18 months which prohibits him from having any contact with his mum or the victim of the assault, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Akram had accessed his mum's internet banking account on two occasions and made two transfers to his own account, one for £250 and one for £300.

"He had been pestering her for money but she had refused because she knew he wanted it for drugs," said Miss Allan.

Nick Dearing, defending, said Akram had been expelled from the family home when he was a juvenile and he remained in the care system until he was 18.

"He was allowed to return to the family home as long as he behaved having been read the riot act by older members of the family," said Mr Dearing.

District Judge James Clarke said elements of the case caused a great deal of concern.

"You have admitted a sustained assault on a child in her own home and in the presence of her younger sister," said District Judge Clarke.

"The fraud in respect of your mother clearly involves a breach of trust."