An addict who stole Christmas presents from under someone else's tree in order to fund her drug habit will have to await her fate after a judge adjourned her sentencing until February.

Mary-Jane Gilheaney was remanded into custody following a hearing at Burnley Crown Court where it was heard she had been involved in the cruel-hearted theft from a house in Haslingden, just three days before Christmas.

It was also heard that Gilheaney, of Peel Street, Haslingden, had earlier that month stolen Lego and electrical items from a Tesco store in the town.

The 29-year-old had previously pleaded guilty at Blackburn Magistrates to one count of burglary and theft of Christmas presents worth £300 on December 21, as well as one count of theft of Lego worth £120 from Tesco on December 9, and one count of theft of electrical items worth £200 from Tesco on December 14.

When Gilheaney was brought before the Magistrates in December, the court heard that she and a male accomplice had entered the house and stolen the presents, literally from under the tree.

Prosecuting, Cecilia Pritchard said: "Initially Gilheaney said that she hadn't entered the house, but this was contrary to her admissions in the police interview.

"She first denied any involvement, but then concurred that her and her co-defendant did in fact enter the property."

The gifts Gilheaney and her accomplice stole from the house in Haslingden were believed to have considerable cash and emotional value attached to them.

Gilheaney was arrested after trying to sell the presents to other members of the public.

When interviewed, she claimed the front door of the house had been open and she and her accomplice took the opportunity to steal the presents.

She also admitted she sold some of the items to fund her drug habit.

Judge Sara Dodd adjourned the sentencing until February 28 so a pre-sentence report could be prepared.