CANCER Research volunteers were left ‘shaking with rage’ and in tears after they discovered thieves had ransacked their charity shop.

Bill Ashley, a senior volunteer said he could not believe his eyes when he discovered the Northgate shop in Blackburn had been turned over by thieves.

Mr Ashley, who has been a volunteer with the charity for 11 years, said thieves had taken all of Thursday's takings and the store had to close on Friday due to the incident.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Several items had been stolen from the shop, including handbags, electrical equipment and jewellery.

Office cabinets, documents, boxes and bags had been strewn across the floor.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Mr Ashley said: "This is the 5th time in 11 years we have been burgled.

"It's shocking - why would anyone steal from a charity?

"They took cash from the previous day and some items, but it's not really high value stuff.

"The money raised in this shop goes towards helping people who are very ill, and towards research in beating cancer.

"The other volunteer who opened up was in tears, I was shaking with rage."

Lancashire Telegraph readers commenting online also expressed their shock.

Abi Wilkinson said: “How low can you get, horrible rotten humans.”

Marion Bradbury said: “What are they hoping to find in a charity shop, a special antique worth loads of money?

“Scum doing things like this, get a proper job instead of expecting something for nothing.”

Stella Forrest said the incident was disgusting and Edna Beach said it was despicable.

Wayne Richmond said: “People do this because they don’t have any discipline or common sense or respect for anything or anyone around them.

“They like to ruin and destroy anyone or anything that is trying to do good in the world.

“I just don’t understand how anyone can stoop so low to knock-off a charity shop, absolute scumbags."

Mr Ashley said the police were contacted.