Why do some people feel they have the right to park where they want irrespective of the damage they could and are causing.

Many times during the week and at weekend I drive along Revidge Road and find cars parked on the grass verge at the top of Corporation Park.

Sections of this look a right mess now the grass has been churned up by inconsiderate parkers, who are too lazy to park sensibly and walk.

Also as the pavement is quite wide, cars are fully parked on the pavement.

Yes parking is difficult up there, I live in the area so know at first hand, but space can be found if they wanted to look and are prepared to walk.

It makes it look horribly for the people who live in the area.

Also we have inconsiderate drivers parking outside the bus station on the pedestrian areas again.

I came out of the Pure Gym tonight to see eight to 10 cars parked up on the paved areas, again because they are lazy and inconsiderate and they don’t want to walk too far.

As this area is for pedestrians, surely the presence of heavy cars will cause damage to the paving which will become a mess and extra expense to repair this.

Something needs to be done before all the good work done to improve Blackburn will be wasted by the thoughtlessness of a few.

John Bell, Blackburn