THREE women have been caught on CCTV urinating against a house and a gate after knocking on the home asking for money.

CCTV footage shows the women urinating against a yard gate, a house wall and garden wall of a home in The Larches, Blackburn, on Thursday afternoon.

Salman Patel said the women had knocked on his mother's house yesterday afternoon and had asked for money.

When showing the CCTV footage of the incident to his mother, Shanaz Patel, they discovered the women had walked to the side of the house and urinated.

The footage shows one woman wearing dark clothing urinate against the gate.

Two other women then squat down and relieve themselves against the house wall and the garden wall.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Mr Patel, 25, said: "I was absolutely disgusted when I saw it.

"We were all in shock. Why on earth would these women do it?

"We only noticed it because we checked the footage to look at who had knocked on our door asking for money."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Urinating in public an offence punishable with a fine under the 1986 Public Order Act.

The video emerged a week after another disgusted householder was forced into an emergency clean-up after his home CCTV cameras caught a woman defecating on the pavement outside his house.

Mr Patel said he has cleaned the area as he did not want anyone walking through it.

He said: "I felt awful for the binmen who have to walk around there so I've bleached it and made sure it's all gone.

"I want to warn other people about these women and what they are doing.

"We've never noticed anything like this before.

"I heard a woman had defecated in the street the other week, what on earth is going on here?"

A police spokesman said officers are investigating the incident.