TWO posters linked to American neo-Nazis put up in a borough have been condemned.

The sheets of paper displaying the words ‘It’s okay to be white’ in crude block capitals were found pinned to noticeboards in Alkincoats Park in Colne and Nelson town centre this week.

The message displayed has been linked to white supremacists and new-Nazis in the United States using it to spark a reaction and has been widely posted on social media.

The appearance of the posters follows the placing of a Nazi swastika against Trawden war memorial in November.

Pendle Conservative MP Andrew Stephenson described the posters as ‘disgraceful’.

Waterside Liberal Democrat peer Cllr Tony Greaves branded the posters ‘appalling’ and Colne Town Council described them as ‘racially offensive’, removing the one in Alkincoats Park and alerting the police.

Cllr Mohammed Iqbal, leader of Pendle Council, said: “This reflects the sad nature of those who’ve done this and idiots like this should not divide us.”

Lord Greaves said: “This is appalling. People who go round Pendle trying to stir up racial tension should be aware of what they are doing to the borough. Of course it’s OK to be anything.”

Mr Stephenson said: “I am glad the posters have been taken down and reported to the police.

“Attempts like this to cause division and unrest are disgraceful.”

A Colne Town Council statement said: “As soon as were were made aware of this inappropriate poster being displayed in Alkincoats Park, arrangements were made for it to removed immediately. Colne Town Council has a zero tolerance policy towards any racially offensive material and will remove such posters should the perpetrator continue to act in such an improper manner.”