POLICE vans and Crime Scene Investigation teams have been outside properties in Darwen, in connection with the death of a man in Accrington.

Residents on Entwistle Street, Higher Church Street and Joseph Street have been concerned after seeing the police presence since Sunday night.

Yesterday, a police van was parked on Entwistle Street while an unmarked car and a CSI van was on an alley between Higher Church Street and Joseph Street.

A police spokesman said the police activity in Entwistle Street, Darwen, is in relation to the murder enquiry which is taking place after a man was stabbed to death in Edleston Street, Accrington, on Sunday.

Mark Fisher, 33, was found with fatal stab wounds in his property in Edleston Street, Accrington, at 1pm on Sunday.

One Joseph Street resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "We saw the police and CSI vans at one of the houses on Sunday night at around 8pm.

"I was watching from the back of my house and could see a woman in the white forensic suits going in and out.

"It will have hit a lot of people seeing so many police cars and vans.

"They have been switching cars on each of the days for shifts.

"It is not something you expect so close to your doorstep.

"The police have not been telling us anything and everyone just wants to know what is happening."

Cllr Roy Davies, who represents the area, said: "People need to be informed about what has happened in the past couple of days.

"It will be a shock for people living there and rumours will start to spread about what it is - stabbings, drugs, gangs and it may not be.

"At one time the local police would have told the councilors what was happening and they could be re-assured but that does not happen now.

"I don't expect police to be putting letters through people's doors but local people need to be told."

Cllr Davies added: "I think people complain that they do not see police on the streets.

"There will be a lot of frightened people in the area not knowing what it is.

"But it is re-assuring to see the police there trying to fight crime."