CAMPAIGNERS have been celebrating after they saved a historic building from being demolished.

Plans were under way to knock down Nelson cemetery lodge but they were overturned by Pendle Council’s policy and resources committee on Thursday night.

The original decision to demolish the Walton Lane lodge, subject to approval by the Secretary of State, was made by Nelson area committee to free up land for burial plots.

Marsden councillors, Cllr Neil McGowan and Cllr Tommy Cooney, who both opposed the demolition, formed a new group, Save Marsden’s Heritage, with local residents.

Cllr McGowan commented: “We have been overwhelmed by the fury this demolition decision caused.

"Before we knew it, we had a new group, a 1,400-signature petition and a banner, lovingly made by local children.

"Residents flocked to our councillor surgeries to protest and also those of our MP, Andrew Stephenson."

During a meeting on January 16, four residents spoke passionately about why the lodge should be saved and how the building was viable whether it was to be repaired and let, or sold.

Cllr Paul Foxley, who is an architect, explained the significance of the 1894 Lodge, which is thought to have been designed by Sir Alfred Waterhouse, to the Grade II Listed Cemetery walls and gates.

Cllr Sarah Cockburn-Price spoke about the regret many feel about the loss to the nation of important, historic buildings.