A PEDESTRIAN crossing has been branded a ‘death trap’ by a man who said he has almost been hit by a car on several occasions.

Joe Kelly, who lives in Lower Darwen, contacted the Lancashire Telegraph to highlight what he believes is a dangerous crossing that needs assessing before someone is badly hurt or killed on it.

The crossing is situated on the A666 Blackburn Road, outside the Premier shop, just after the junction with the busy Earcroft Way, which leads onto the M65.

Mr Kelly said: “It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed on that crossing.

“I’ve almost been knocked over about four times by cars that don’t stop, haven’t even seen me, or are coming off the M65 so fast that they don’t have time to stop.

“They drive straight through it.

“I’ve seen a lady with a pram nearly get knocked over, and not so long ago a woman with two dogs was crossing, she got about halfway, one car on one side of the road stopped but the car on the other side went straight through.

“The council put flashing lights on it to make it more visible, but it’s still a problem, they’re not doing any good.”

Mr Kelly said he has spoken to his local councillors about the issue as children use the crossing to access Darwen Vale High School, and he was worried about excessive speeding on that road in general.

He added: “There’s a problem with people coming off the motorway and driving too fast.

“When traffic is coming from Darwen towards Blackburn, if a vehicle is queueing to turn right after the crossing, and the other lane is free, it’s difficult for those people in the left lane to see someone crossing as their view is blocked, so they go right over.”

Darwen East councillor, Cllr Paul Browne said: “It’s that motorway system that’s causing the problems, as well as the traffic blackspot on Hollins Grove Street.

“And then when there’s a clear run and the lights are on green, drivers will go straight over the crossing without stopping so they can get through those lights.”

Regeneration boss at Blackburn with Darwen council, councillor Phil Riley said it was the first time he’d heard any complaints about the crossing but would look into it.

He said: “When the bus lanes were put in as part of the road upgrade, flashing lights were placed on that crossing, which are within the criteria that the department of transport expects.

“However, we will always take these observations seriously.”