A GROUP of artists is using its designs to raise money for women in their community.

As International Women’s Day approaches, Beth Field along with charity Lancashire Women have launched project Sisterhood Is Really Good, to raise money for We Are Lancashire Women.

The project will focus on a group of artists each creating a design which resonates with women in the county in some way and will then be sold online and displayed at events.

Mrs Field, a 34-year-old mum of two, from Rossendale said: “International Women’s Day is an important opportunity to raise awareness and funds for this female specific charity.

“It’s also important to celebrate female artists because while there are lots of women who create and study art, there is still under representation of our gender and of female issues in art.”

The artists found each other through social media sites and will come together in person soon.

All of the women, including tattooist Hannah Howells and feminist artist Samantha Edwards, will be given a brief on what the design must encompass.

Mrs Field said: “We have all been going to the local women’s society and want to do something big and community based.”

The mum of two also did something similar last year for the Rex Box period poverty charity, where she raised £500.

She said: “I feel it is sometimes seen as being at a disadvantage to be a woman, and I hope this will encourage them to be the best they can be

“I used to work in housing, but when I had my children, I gave up work and did not really know what else to do.

“I was at home all the time, so I started drawing to fill the time, because I didn’t like feeling like just a mum, I felt like I needed more to do.

“Now, I work completely freelance and have a lot of support from women around Great Harwood and Blackburn and the rest of Lancashire.

Mrs Field runs a small art business, Field Day, drawing designs for cards and businesses.

To take part in the IWD event, visite https://lancashirewomen.org/