The father of a vulnerable young man who tragically died in a pool while on holiday in Egypt has said he is 'disgusted' at how long it has taken for an inquest into his death to commence, after proceedings, due to begin on Monday, were adjourned until April.

Greg Roult, from Waterfoot, was 27 when he died after suffering a seizure at the five-star Hotel Sonesta in Sharm-el-Sheikh in March 2015.

He was holidaying with his two carers, who were employed by Lancashire County Council, and was found at the bottom of the pool.

Paramedics were called to the resort and a hotel doctor gave treatment at the poolside, but he died in hospital later that day.

Five pre-inquest review hearings have been held since the tragedy, with Coroner James Newman citing communication with Egyptian authorities and witnesses as one of the many reasons the inquest had failed to commence earlier.

Proceedings were scheduled to eventually begin at 10am on Monday, at Preston Coroner’s Court.

However, due to further complications, believed to lie with witnesses and members of the jury, the inquest was put back, with a new date for the five-day hearing set for April.

Greg's father, Stephen Roult, has been waiting half a decade for a conclusion into his son's death.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph on Monday, following news that the inquest had been adjourned, Mr Roult said: "There's not a lot I can say really is there?

"I am disgusted at it being adjourned.

"It's about time they got their acts together.

"It's been terrible, just terrible for us over the last five years.

"No parent should have to go through this ordeal.

"We hope that the inquest process can tell us more about how Greg died and whether his death could have been prevented.

"Hopefully then, by April, we will get some closure."

A statement provided by Farley's solicitors who are representing Mr and Mrs Roult, said: "Greg was born with a number of complex needs and started to have epileptic seizures as a small child and would have as many as five seizures a day, which were eventually controlled and reduced with medication.

"He did however remain prone to having seizures and could experience up to three seizures a month.

"Greg was described by his parents as a fun loving character who loved music and swimming and doing activities.

"Five years on, a lot of information about the circumstances surrounding Greg’s death is unknown.

"His parents, Stephen and Angela, still have a number of questions pertaining to his care and supervision whilst in the pool, the medical support available at the resort, safety aspects of the pool, including lifeguard support, and the chain of events from calling an ambulance to Greg’s hospital admission."

The inquest, due to commence on April 6, will be heard with a jury, who will hear evidence from a number of witnesses, including medical experts, Greg’s carers, hotel guests who witnessed the tragic events, and representatives from Thomas Cook.