BLACKBURN’S first independent doughnut cafe has opened its doors.

DIPZ in Plane Street, Blackburn, is selling a variety of home-made doughnuts topped with every sweet treat and delight you can think of.

Inspired by creations across the pond, its owner, Yusuf Lambat, got the idea to open the eatery during a visit to the USA with his wife Fatima.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The 41-year-old, from Blackburn, said: “You see burger places popping up everywhere and other trends that have come in from America.

“The Americans have been doing this for years and are way ahead of the game. We spent a lot of time in the USA looking at different fillings and toppings.

“Doughnuts require a lot of skill to make, it’s a long process.

“You have to make them, prove them, fry them and then decorate them. I took some courses on how to make them properly.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Mr Lambat sells a range of doughnuts, including Oreo-inspired creations and ones with Crunchie toppings, dark chocolate, and many more.

He is also creating a vegan range, along with low calorie and protein doughnuts.

Mr Lambat had previously owned Melt dessert bar in Plane Street for half a decade before closing it last year.

Lancashire Telegraph: Lancashire Telegraph:

He said: “I want to bring something different to Blackburn and Lancashire by offering a cafe that's primary focus is making doughnuts. I’m also selling other treats to go with them, such as gelato, churros but the main focus is doughnuts.

“Yes, these are something to treat yourself with but I’m going to be providing low calorie and vegan ones too so they can cater for everyone.

“I’ve been open a little while and already we’ve had lots of business and I’m busy.

“I cannot wait to meet all my new customers and I hope to establish something really exciting and unique in Blackburn.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

The American-inspired graffiti artwork was designed by Mr Lambat and created by a Manchester artist. DIPZ is open weekdays 2pm to 11pm and 2pm to midnight at weekends. Delivery is available via Uber Eats and Foodhub.