WE asked our readers for their ideas on how they would like to see a town improve in the coming years.

Pendle Council is in the process of setting up a Nelson Town Deal Board to help develop a Town Investment Plan.

The Towns Fund prospectus provides information to councils for 100 places in England chosen to pioneer town deals and receive a share of £16.4million funding to bring communities together.

The Lancashire Telegraph's readers have given their views on how they would like to see Nelson town centre improved.

Barbara Smith said: "I'd like to see an ice rink, not just takeaways, we need something for everyone or entertainment."

Linda Goff said: "We need decent shops to bring more people in, also a lick of paint to brighten all these horrid empty buildings up."

Helen Turner said: "We need a gaming arcade, not a gambling centre, with old school games like Pac Man, Space Invaders etc."

Tanya Beattie said: "Bring the Arndale back to how it was."

Vera Philpott said "We need more clothing shops for men and women.

"My husband and myself have to go to Burnley to by decent clothes, nothing for us in nelson."

Jean Marsden suggested the introduction of a table tennis centre.

Carl Ryder said: "They need to get all major stakeholders on this board so councillors , shop owners and Arndale owners would be a good start.

"It could be demolishing the Arndale would be a good solution and replacing with a green space with market space would be good but given the owners are investing in it that's unlikely.

"We need to get more people living and working in town centre so offices and apartments are needed.

"Then it needs proper bars and like most towns have, in the Arndale there could be a mix of office space then apartments in old phoenix chambers.

"The downstairs market in Arndale needs attention as must lose a lot of money and needs to made viable.

Jackie Harvey said: "It’s a shame we didn’t get a Primark, it could have gone in the three-storey old co-op space in the Arndale.

"That would have brought in the shoppers and encouraged new business.

"Did Burnley really need Primark?"

Manawar Bashah suggested a cinema.

Nikki Riley said: "A play centre for kids as it's almost impossible to get in the Brierfield Mill one or giddy kippers now.

"Indoor activities for kids that include something for toddlers and nursery age."

Siobhan Fitzpatrick said the town centre needs more public more toilets.