A TAXI driver has had his licence revoked after acting "weird" and making "inappropriate comments" to a schoolgirl.

Bolton Council's Licensing Committee was told that the man was taking the girl to school in September of last year when he began to ask her a number of questions which made her feel uncomfortable.

This included asking if she had a boyfriend and if she was sexually active with her boyfriend.

When she got to school the child reported the incident to a teacher.

The private hire driver later confirmed to the committee that he had made comments but he told the councillors he was trying to "stress the importance of focussing on her education".

The hearing was conducted by the Sub-Committee on Sensitive Cases and was not held in public, meaning the name of the driver was not revealed, however minutes from the hearing have since been made available.

Concluding, the committee took into account that many passengers "often travel alone and are vulnerable to inappropriate behaviour".

The minutes of the meeting added: "The Sub- Committee’s primary duty is of concern for the safety and well-being of the public.

There is therefore reasonable cause to revoke the private hire drivers licence with immediate effect on the grounds of public safety."