A SAILOR who was home on a short three day leave saved his daughter's life with mouth to mouth after she smothered herself with a pillow.

In April 1969, Royal Navy store accountant Michael Cowperthwaite was due to head out for the evening with his wife, Rosemary.

Mrs Cowperthwaite had left their Cumberland Street home to fetch the babysitter, while Mr Cowperthwaite stayed at home with six month old Susan.

Leaving her on the sofa for a few moments, Mr Cowperthwaite returned to the living room to find baby Susan had pulled a cushion over her head.

He said: "Her face was blue and she had stopped breathing."

Using his Navy first aid skills he immediately began to give his daughter mouth-to-mouth.

An ambulance was called but by the time they arrived, Susan was breathing again. The tot was taken to hospital for a check up but was allowed home shortly after.