FORGET silver and gold, an artistic mum is creating eye-catching pieces of jewellery ­— using clay.

Sam Radcliffe, from Burnley, makes earrings and necklaces out of polymer clay.

Her colourful designs are handmade and include faces and flowers, among other shapes, to create the contemporary look.

The pieces are made by using different coloured clay, cutting out shapes and designs, adding extra dazzle with glitter and then baking it.

Mrs Radcliffe, mum to two girls and a boy, said: "It’s like playing with play dough, it’s quite fun.

“It’s also good for mental health because it’s quite a relaxing and fun activity to do.

“I used to work for Accessorize so I was always looking at the designs and I loved the jewellery there."

The mum makes the earrings at home using a carving knife to cut out the shapes.

The more complicated designs with different colours are infused together and take longer to make, but Mrs Radcliffe believes anyone can get into it.

She said: “I am obsessed with jewellery and I was inspired when I saw clay earrings online, which are really popular in Australia.

“But the shipping costs are high, so I thought I would make my own.

“You need to buy the blocks in colours and then use shape cutters to cut out different shapes.

“You can start with things around the house, you don’t need to buy anything separately for it.”

Mrs Radcliffe has been selling her jewellery to family and friends because she wants to get confident in making the earrings before selling them to the public.

Artists use polymer clay for sculptures, and it is also commonly used for bracelet charms.

The mum stopped working in Accessorize after falling pregnant with her now two-year-old son.

She said: “Now, I can do this because I have a little more time.

“One of my friends even put a display up in her nail salon, so I am getting a lot of support.

“I have started making necklaces lately but I am still trying this out, so I need some practice before I sell them.

“My favourite artist is Picasso because the lines he used are an inspiration behind my new faces pieces.

“I’ve always loved art, and this is a new way to express that. I hope more people enjoy it.”

Mrs Radcliffe's children, 11-year-old Annabelle, nine-year-old Eleanor and two-year-old Ezra love making their own designs too, and have also gifted teachers earrings they made themselves.

To take a look at the designs, visit the Instagram page @artisamcreations