RESIDENTS on an estate are at their ‘wits' end’ with a huge pile of fly-tipped rubbish near their homes – which to make matters worse ‘disgusting’ taxi drivers are now 'using as a toilet'.

The site, on Morecambe Road, Blackburn, has been littered with old sofas, mattresses, fridges, carpets and household waste since before Christmas.

And one resident, who can see the mess from her house, said the dumped rubbish was bad enough but now taxi drivers from some Blackburn firms are using the site as a toilet in between fares.

The resident, who spoke to the Lancashire Telegraph anonymously, said: “I’m at my wits' end with all the rubbish being dumped in Morecambe Road, some of which has been there before Christmas.

“It’s a hazard and is dangerous for children and dog walkers. There’s a playground just across the field from where all the rubbish is; I’ve seen kids walking through and also messing about with what is there.

“Taxi drivers are always going in there to relieve themselves and we have reported this to the council and the taxi firms.

“I’ve spoken to a neighbours about this and they are all of the same impression as us. It’s disgusting. And dangerous.”

The resident said rubbish was being dumped daily and is annoyed that the council haven’t found a way to stop vehicles accessing the site.

She said: “There is an opening where cars and vans can pull in, roughly half way up Morecambe Road, and stuff is being dumped daily, it’s a popular place for fly-tippers.

“I live on Fishmoor Drive and I can see clearly where all the rubbish is being dumped.

“It’s frustrating, I don’t know why the council don’t put bollards up so this can’t happen.

“It would be cheaper for them to do that than keep coming and clearing all the rubbish.”

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Councillor Jim Smith said residents must report any incidents, preferably with evidence.

The Blackburn with Darwen council environment boss said: “If you see fly-tipping then report it to the council and if you know who’s done it, give us their names and we’ll prosecute them.

“After Christmas there’s been a lot of fly-tipping, and we are making our way through it all as quickly as we can.

“Use a camera or record them, bring the evidence to us, with a name, and we will find them and prosecute them.”