WEDDING venue bosses have funded a residents-only parking permit scheme to stop patrons parking in front of people's homes in Blackburn.

As part of planning permission granted last year for extended opening hours at The Grand Venue Banqueting and Conference Suite, Harrison Street, owners were required to pay for the implementation of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), to introduce residents-only parking along Harrison Street and Canterbury Street.

And now details of the scheme have been revealed.

A permit system is to be introduced on Canterbury Street, Harrison Street and Sumner Street, with a maximum stay restriction of two hours to be introduced on Byrom Street.

Executive member for growth and development, Cllr Phil Riley, said: “As the venue is attracting more visitors than their own car park has capacity for, parking for residents on nearby Canterbury, Sumner and Harrison Streets has been negatively impacted.

“The owner of the venue has volunteered to fund the introduction of a permit parking scheme on these streets. This has been discussed with council officers and deemed the best solution.

“The scheme will be introduced with no financial burden on the council or residents.

“As part of this scheme, a disc parking bay will be introduced on Byrom Street to provide short stay parking for visitors to Paramount Care and Safety Ltd.

“This company provides support to members of the community to live independent lives, many of whom have additional needs.”

The cost of making and advertising this Traffic Regulation Order will be approximately £2,500 and will be funded by the owner of the wedding venue.

The £1m Asian wedding hall, which attracts guests from across the North West, opened in 2018. It was built on the 20,000 square foot site of the former engineering firm DSF Delmec.

Complaints from residents began in August 2018, alleging late night opening beyond the permitted 7pm closure time. A subsequent joint investigation involving night time monitoring established that it was operating, on occasion, until between the hours of 11pm and 2am.

Following the complaints, a planning application was submitted to extend the hours from 11am to 7pm, to 11am to 11pm.

Last year, the venue was granted extended opening hours despite the concerns it was staying open too late.

The venue has a large reception area, bridal suite, an LED stage, prayer areas and gold-coloured sinks in the bathrooms.

Seating can be split over two floors for larger wedding parties that would previously have been held at larger venues in Bolton and Manchester.