PUB bosses bidding to scrap the need for security at a pub plagued by noise and nuisance have been knocked back.

Owners of the Walmesley Arms, Star Pubs & Bars, provoked objections after making a bid to reduce the opening hours at the Great Harwood hostelry – but without costly door staff.

People living nearby are adamant the proposed changes for the Queen Street venue will only see a repeat of past noise nuisance problems.

The pub has been closed since January last year and Star bosses say the need for expensive door staff is prohibiting their search for a new tenant

But members of Hyndburn Council’s licensing subcommittee agreed with residents that security was necessary, allowing amendments to the licensed hours but keeping the condition that door staff must be present after 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

The council’s licensing officers had also lodged a formal objection, given the close proximity of residential properties to the beer garden.

A Star official said: “The need for prospective tenants to have door staff should they wish to stay open beyond 11pm is making the pub unviable.

“It puts people at a significant disadvantage because they expect that there have been problems at the pub or it has been a late night venue in the past – it’s putting people off.

“It’s not good to have a closed pub for the town centre because empty properties attract all sorts of other issues.

“No-one is denying that this pub has had a history and the previous late hours are what resulted in the conditions about last entry and door staff.

“On reflection, we accept that the venue does not suit later opening.

“We are hopeful that the site will become attractive to a tenant who will run it along much more traditional lines.

“All the issues about noise in the early hours would be resolved by what we applied for.”

Chairing the meeting, Cllr Stephen Button said: “The trouble usually starts at spilling out time.

“If there are no door staff, there will be no-one to deal with that.”

Cllr Stewart Eaves added: “Realistically, problems can happen at any time of the day and I don’t think changing the hours will take that away.”

Cllr Jean Battle said: “We have got to have a tenant who is going to run the pub properly. Over the past few years, this venue has attracted the undesirables of Great Harwood.”

Queen Street resident Allan Barnes said: “None of the issues that led to the door staff condition being introduced have been addressed.

“People were on the street urinating, drinking and smashing glasses.

“I have got no objection to it opening up as a pub but it needs to be run right.”

The pub can now open from 8am to serve breakfast. The sale of alcohol must end at midnight Monday to Wednesday and 1am Thursday to Sunday.

Door staff must be in operation on Friday and Saturday after 11pm.