BLUSHING brides who wear a stunning dress created by a Great Harwood designer have not one but two reasons to feel fantastic.

Roxanne Halenko handcrafts bespoke dresses for weddings, prom nights and special occasions ­— and donates funds to improve education in developing countries.

The mum-of-two has teamed up with global initiative, Business for Good, where 10% of the cost of each dress funds water and education projects, as well as teaching people how to sew to give them a chance to make a living.

Miss Halenko said: “After purchasing a dress, I donate 10% to a cause that helps fund one of these things.

“I then send a certificate to the person who bought the dress to show them what they have helped support. It makes people feel good too and you help a worthy cause.”

The brand also offers a buy back scheme, where old garments are bought and upcycled into new dresses, with the option of buying back the new design at a reduced rate, eliminating waste.

The business is inspired by Miss Halenko’s family history, as her grandfather and mum were skilled at altering garments to create new designs.

The single mum balances her work with looking after Harry, two, and baby Beatrix and wants to empower other mums to take up opportunities.

Working from home, she said: “I did have a studio, but it did not work out because of my kids. Now I work from home and it is the best thing I have ever done.

“The customers love it because they get to see my home and learn more about the designer involved in their dress making.

“The kids are too young and only go to nursery two or three days a week, so I can get my work done and I can just enjoy watching them grow up.”

Miss Halenko, 31, builds relationships with her clients, treating them like family and working with them to design their dream dresses.

She was working as a carer when she started her business three years ago, after going to university at 25 and realising her dream of being a fashion designer.

She said: “The customers are like friends and family and they come back to me.

"If I make a dress for a girl’s birthday, she comes back to me for her prom dress and then her wedding dress.”

The designer’s influences include her own mum who used to sew dresses for her as a child, but she no longer has contact with her.

“My own mum was a single parent because my dad walked out on us and we never saw him again.

“I don’t have a relationship with my mum either as she moved away.

“My aunty is like a mum to me, she was there when I gave birth to my children, she has been my rock.

“She has been the mum I always wanted.”

Miss Halenko plans to open her own shop when her children are in school.

To look at her designs or to order a dress, visit her Instagram @rhwearthechange