HOGHTON schoolboy Stephen Ormerod walked away with nine awards at the national poultry show in London in October 1979.

Stephen of Tower Cottages, was one of more than 1,500 entrants in the poultry section of the Fur and Feather Show held at Alexandra Palace.

Stephen's prize birth from the 24 fowl he took to the two day show was a Sussex pullet he bred in April .

Apart from gaining three trophies for having the best bird in the pullet class, he also won the Grand Challenge Trophy for the best bird among the firsts. Stephen proudly displays the five cups. two goblets and a trophy at his home. He was awaiting the arrival of two silver medallions.

He said: "I did not expect to win so many awards. I am still very tired and a little dazed. It was a very busy two days, I knew I should win some prizes because the light Sussex pullet is a good bird."