A PREGNANT woman feared for the life of her unborn baby after being kicked in the stomach by another woman.

Blackburn magistrates heard the woman had gone out of her home to confront youths who had smashed her window.

She was then challenged by Taylor Killian who demanded to know why she had tried to grab hold of her brother.

The court was told Diana Boyle told Killian she wasn’t going to fight anyone because she was 30 weeks pregnant and had a two-year-old child in the house in bed.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said at that point Killian kicked the other woman forcibly in the stomach.

“She was in fear for her unborn child’s life the kick was that powerful,” said Mr Robinson.

“The defendant claims she didn’t know the other woman was pregnant but the Crown say she told her quite clearly that was the case.”

Duncan Nightingale, defending, said his client accepted kicking the other woman but said it was to the upper part of her leg and not her stomach.

“She says she did not know the other woman was pregnant,” said Mr Nightingale.

Killian, 24, of Sunderland Street, Burnley, pleaded guilty to assaulting Diana Boyle.

She was remanded on bail until March 13 when evidence will be heard to establish the facts of the case.