WHALLEY's post office staff are standing proudly outside their place of work.

These smartly dressed gents were captured in 1902 in front of Alfred Camm's chemists in Park Villas, King Street.

Resplendent in their Royal Mail uniforms and military-esque helmets are four of the five postmen Mr Camm had at his command, along with two telegraph messengers.

In 1901, when Whalley's population was 1,098, they delivered 15,650 parcels and 2,489 telegrams.

While looking the part - the uniforms would have kept these men warm and comfortable during the cold winter months and early morning posting.

However it's easy to imagine during the summer months these thick garments would have made posting a rather sweaty job.

Mr Camm can be seen as the third person on the left, sporting a fashionable bowler hat and pocket watch.