A FOOD blogger has racked up thousands of social media followers with her passion for cookery, while caring for her nine-year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy.

Mum-of-three Farhat Hamad, from Blackburn, has been cooking since she was 12 and showcases her traditional Indian and Pakistani food on Instagram.

She is regularly contacted by other parents who need recipe inspiration for fussy eaters.

The stay-at-home mum said: “Since I was young I took an interest in cooking and took it up as a hobby.

"My mum helped and showed me how to make most of the traditional curries. Growing up, everyone loves their mum’s food and I was no different.

“A lot of children want takeaway food but my kids prefer the food I make, especially because I can recreate those things for them.

“One popular dish is my chicken and chips recipe. I get mums direct messaging me, who want to know what to give their fussy children."

Mrs Hamad says her children's love of food makes it easier for her to indulge her passion.

She said: “It’s quite difficult to stay on top of everything, especially as my daughter has cerebral palsy. I have to give full attention to her and ensure her needs are met.

"However, this hasn’t made it difficult to continue with my passion as my children are foodies, and love food.

“While I cook, my daughter comes and watches and asks a lot of questions. She gets excited when she’s learnt something new. I take her to school and mosque and have never left that job on anyone else, as I know my daughter would prefer to go with me."

Friends and family were asking for recipes so, in 2018, she launched an Instagram page, @spicy.tarka, and a YouTube channel.

She said: “I wanted to show people my recipes so thought I would try it. I did not think I would reach this many followers. My inspiration is watching my mum cook.”