HOUSEHOLDERS in a residential area face a second fortnight of disrupted sleep in three months because of night-time works on a nearby railway bridge.

Residents in Surrey Avenue and Hollins Grove, Darwen, have received a letter warning of essential work to Rakes Viaduct would be carried out between midnight and 6am for two weeks from January 20 to 23 and January 27 to 30.

It follows similar works to change railway sleepers and timbers over two weeks in November.

On-site generators, power tools, site lighting and on-track machines will be in operation. The work needs to be done during the night to avoid disrupting trains.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “Safety is our priority and work of this nature must be carried out while trains are not running.

“We understand the disruption our work may cause. The type of equipment we use does mean some disturbance is unavoidable, but we will make every effort to minimise any unnecessary noise.”