PROUDLY displaying their club caps and the latest in cycling technology are members of the Burnley Zingari Cycling Club.

Taken in 1889, this photograph captures a key time in the advance of cycling with the penny farthing was gradually becoming less popular, being superseded by bicycles with same size wheels and by the then, newly-invented chain drives.

Two have two of the new bicycles, club members must have been at the forefront of bike technology at the time.

You can also see that there are foot rests fitted to the front wheels showing that the free wheel device which made things so much safer for riders travelling downhill had yet to be introduced.

The club may have taken their name from the famous amateur cricket club - I-Zingari - which took in turn had taken its name from the Italian word for The Gypsies.

The club members were wearing the latest stylish attire for cyclists at the end of the Nineteenth Century including knee breeches which gave their name to the pedal pushers much beloved by fashion designers in the 60s.