A SABDEN youngster, who inherited his enthusiasm for motor bikes from his father is now the pick of the bunch at Wirral 100 Motor Cycle Club in the sand racing section.

Featured in the paper in November 1979, 14-year-old David Warburton, of Pendle Street East, has had increasingly powerful bikes to keep pace with his skill, and enable him to compete successfully with other members of the club.

It was his father Derek Warburton's generosity and own disappointment, that led him to make sure that his own son wasn't held back by the lack of proper bikes at the right time.

David said: "Thanks to him I've come out top of the club. He bought me a Suzuki 50 and re-built it, and I learned to ride in the fields at my uncle's farm. Dad got me a 100cc bike and I came second but the 125cc has not helped me beat others."

David was pictured with his scrambler bike.