THE Nolan Sisters saved the day back in 1979, despite the charity show they appeared at being a financial flop.

The singing siblings performed a sensational set at Burnley's Cats Whiskers, in a show organised by promoter Geoff Bentley to raise money for cancer research.

But Mr Bentley, a Blackburn wine merchant, who had expected to make around £1,500 for the charity said the show had been a financial flop after he estimated he lost £900 on the venture.

He said: "I am not disheartened. Believe me, at the end of the day it is the product that matters.

"If something had gone wrong on the night I would have been disheartened but the response was fantastic and the girls were brilliant."

During the evening, the Nolan Sisters were presented with a cheque for £100 donated by the Lancashire Telegraph.