A RISHTON mum had an extra reason to celebrate on New Year’s Day after giving birth to her 8lb 4oz girl.

That’s because Abigail Hacking shares the same birthday as her second baby girl who was born at 3.33am on January 1 at the birthing centre in Burnley.

It was history repeating itself as she was featured in the Lancashire Telegraph for being a New Year baby at Queen's Park Hospital, Blackburn, before transferring to Bramley Meade, Whalley, in 1986.

The 34-year-old said: “It is nice because I was the paper with my dad Roy and he was surrounded lots of women and other babies.

“He had came back from a night out to look after me but that was just the times we lived.”

The biology teacher was looking forward to returning home and spending time with family.

She said: "We are absolutely delighted to have another little baby. Her sister Autumn, who is three, wants to call her Purple because it is her favourite colour.

Dad Mark Andrews, who runs a building machine business, added: “She was so excited to speak to her this morning and was asking to see some photographs of her.

“We have got her a baby Annabelle toy as a present from the baby and hopefully she will look after her like she would with her sister.

Abigail said: “We had two puppies a few weeks ago and we keep finding the puppies are missing and we ask Autumn where they are and we find them in her bed and other places around the house.

“So we hope her having her own baby will help her to pick-up the baby delicately.”

The couple, who have yet to name their new arrival, did manage to take part in New Year celebrations at the Burnley Birthing Centre and their daughter was one of three children born on January 1.

The Clitheroe Royal Grammar School teacher said: “We watched the Jools Holland Hootenanny on iPlayer on the iPad and listened to Rick Astley and the Stereophonics and we said those songs will be her songs.

“It is a nice time to be celebrating as there are lots of parties. There is also something great about being born on 01/01/20 and being part of a new decade.”