A FITNESS trainer has given his top tips on how to keep that one New Year resolution everyone makes – getting in shape and losing weight.

Nick Talbot, from the Fit Mill in Blackburn, says working hard and perseverance are the key.

He said: “My inbox is blowing up with messages, which is normal for the new year, everybody wants to lose weight.

“My first piece of advice is, do not use other people for your inspiration, they are not your goals.

“When people show me pictures of people they want to look like from Instagram, I ask them what they want for themselves and not from a perfect Instagram picture.

The former police officer posts motivating support on the social media platform, instead of ripped bodies at the gym.

Mr Talbot urges people to stay determined despite urges to give up after the new year thrill runs out.

He said: “Find somebody to go with to the gym, because it motivates you.

“Research suggests that those who start off alone, end up quitting earlier.

“Do not rely on quick fixes and Facebook sellers to get you the pills to magically make you lose weight.

“Sometimes people take the quick fixes, it works for a bit, and then they are back where they started, so they give up.

“This is mentally draining too.”

The gym guru wants to make sure people complete their resolution of losing weight the correct way.

He said: “Things take time, so if you want to build muscle, that can take a year or more. So, be realistic, because you can’t lose ten stone in a year.

“Set little goals, and if you do it properly, you will lose maybe two pounds a week.

“People also quit when they slow down, because they don’t understand why it isn’t working anymore.

“Alter your workout, food, or speak to a professional, that’s the best way to find out how to progress further.”