EXTRA police officers will be patrolling Burnley town centre after "numerous" reports about "dangerous" cyclists.

Complaints have been made about large groups of children using cycles to ride on the pedestrian zone "without consideration for others".

A number of residents have taken to social media to raise concerns about children and youths.

One posted: "I was in town centre yesterday afternoon. They were all running around the market causing trouble, then all jumped on their bikes swearing and shouting at the people who told them to stop."

Another wrote: "I was in the town centre on Friday and there was loads of kids on bikes. You can't say anything to them otherwise you end up with a lot of abuse.

"I think that a ban on bikes on any of the public pathways in the town centre should be put into place."

Yet another posted: "They nearly knocked over my son when we were walking through town yesterday, he’s only 19 months old."

Neighbourhood officers are due to patrol the town centre and may seize bikes or take action against offenders causing alarm, harassment or distress.

A post on the Burnley and Padiham Police Facebook page reads: "Does your child own a cycle? Have you bought your child a cycle for Christmas? If so would they like to keep hold of the cycle?

"Following numerous reports and incidents in and around Burnley Town centre over the last few months it has come to the attention that large groups of children are using these cycles to ride on the pedestrian zone without reasonable consideration for others.

"Not only is this dangerous to other members of the public who have to move out of their way, they are also committing offences by doing this.

"Officers from Burnley neighbourhood policing team will be on patrol in the town centre and engaging with these children. If they are witnessed riding the cycles in a manner likely to cause alarm, harassment or distress then they may face their cycle being taken from them and further action taken in relation to their activities."