A CANNABIS farm thought to contain hundreds of plants has been uncovered in Oswaldtwistle.

A concerned resident, from the town, said emergency services - including the ambulance and fire service - had been outside a derelict building on Union Road since lunch time on Saturday.

The resident, who did not want to be named, said: "There has been a massive police presence in Oswaldtwistle at a building just before the railway bridge.

"The police, ambulance and fire brigade are all there.

"There are still currently eight police cars present today.

"It's on Union Road, a little further down from the old pavilion.

"It looks like a derelict building and as a resident I'm quite concerned about what's going on."

Lancashire Telegraph: A police car and an unmarked car guard the entranceA police car and an unmarked car guard the entrance

Neighbouring residents, Sarah Watters and Jonathan Curry, said they had not been aware of any activity in the building until the police spoke with them on Sunday afternoon.

Mr Curry said: "The first thing we knew about this was when the fire brigade came yesterday about dinner time.

"The police have been here constantly, all night. It's like they've been patrolling the area."


Lancashire Telegraph: The derelict building The derelict building

Lancashire Telegraph:

Miss Watters said: "We haven't seen anyone coming or going apart from the guys who came to board it up, but that was a few months ago.

"The fire service came, and the police, and then the electricity board came, so we kind of knew what was happening then."

Police officers at the scene have confirmed that they are dealing with a cannabis farm in a derelict building on the corner of Foxhill Bank Brow. 

At 2.15pm, there were three police cars, two CSI vans and an unmarked police car still outside the property. 

The fire service had also returned and were getting ready to set up the brigade drone in order to take aerial shots of the building with a heat sensitive camera.