TWO boroughs in East Lancashire have been named in the top 10 most efficient recycling areas in the UK.

YouGov figures have shown that Burnley was ranked top, with 94 per cent of its residents recycling all or almost all metal waste.

Rossendale came third in the list, recycling 87 per cent of its metal waste.

Though several measures and initiatives are in place to reduce plastic use in the UK, statistics released by the trade body European Aluminium have revealed that the UK falls below the European average aluminium recycling rate, scoring a 72 per cent recycling rate, compared to the European average of 74.5 per cent.

None of the other East Lancashire boroughs were mentioned in the top worst for recycling.

However residents in Kensington and Chelsea have been revealed as the worst offenders for not recycling metal, with 47 per cent of residents admitting that they rarely or never recycle any metal household waste.