The RSPCA says it is "looking into" footage on social media appearing to show a man hitting and smacking several different dogs, while they were supposed to be under his care at a doggy day care centre.

One video, which was taken by a former apprentice of Mucky Pups Doggy Day Care Centre in Rishton, appears to show the man picking a dog up by the scruff of its neck, beating it, and throwing it across the floor, while the dog can be heard whimpering and crying.

In another, the man appears to hit one dog with a broom, while another video shows him physically smacking a dog with his hand so hard that the connection can be heard on the footage.

Chelsea Devine, who filmed the incidents between September and December, said she has been left heartbroken as working with dogs was her dream job, and reported the behaviour to the RSPCA.

Lancashire Telegraph: The dog is grabbed by the scruff of its neckThe dog is grabbed by the scruff of its neck

Miss Devine said: "I first started at Mucky Pups in January and then I got taken on as an apprentice around April.

"The man used to come in and help out but not very regularly, and then around September or October he started coming in between 10am and 3pm, and that's when I noticed that he would hit the dogs if they'd done something wrong.

"I knew I had to do something so I filmed what he was doing. The videos are from different days and with different dogs."

Miss Devine, 19, has since left her position at Mucky Pups on Harwood Road.

Lancashire Telegraph: The man can be seen raising his hand to a dogThe man can be seen raising his hand to a dog

A statement issued on Mucky Pups Facebook page on Friday evening read: "We are currently aware of the videos circulating Facebook, they are distressing but aren’t the full story, the man in the video has been bitten in one of the videos because he has had to intervene to stop any harm coming to the other dog.

"These videos were captured by an ex-apprentice who’s gone to the newspapers first before informing me, the RSPCA or her colleague.

" The police aren’t taking it further due to the circumstances the man was in, the girl was sat there videoing instead of helping.

"No dogs were hurt or had gone home injured.

Lancashire Telegraph: One dog appears to be wearing an e-collarOne dog appears to be wearing an e-collar

"Legal action is in place and we will get our name cleared.

"We thank you to all our loyal customers who have contacted our business first to verify the facts.

"If anyone needs any more information I would be happy to provide this.

"Lauren Walker - Managing Director."

This post was later removed, and the Mucky Pups Facebook page has since been taken down.

When the Telegraph spoke to Ms Walker, she said: "I've been in touch with my solicitor and until I have spoken properly with them I cannot comment further."

Lancashire Telegraph: The frightened dog cowers The frightened dog cowers

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “The RSPCA only promotes positive, reward-based training methods and does not condone this sort of behaviour in order to train dogs or to tell them off.

“This has been reported to us and we will be looking into it.”

Lancashire Telegraph: The dog cowers from the man as he raises his hand before hitting itThe dog cowers from the man as he raises his hand before hitting it