PRIMARY school children in Blackburn with Darwen are outperforming their peers nationally, according to the primary school league tables published by the Department for Education.

The annual tables rank every school based of the Key Stage Two SATs ­— taken by Year Six pupils to test their reading, writing and mathematical skills. 

Find out how your child's school performed here: Blackburn School Tables 2019.pdf

The number of children mastering the 3Rs in Blackburn’s schools is above the national average.

Lancashire Telegraph:


Results of this year’s national curriculum tests, taken in May, show that 66 per cent of Year Six pupils left primary school having achieved the expected standard in reading, writing and maths.

And they show that children overall are performing at an above average level.

Nationally 65 per cent of pupils reached the expected standard.

However, the number of children achieving at the higher standard was slightly below the national average of 11 per cent.

Blackburn and Darwen’s figure stood at nine per cent.

But overall the progress children make during their time at school in all subjects is above average. This score shows how much progress pupils as each school made in reading, writing and maths between the end of Key Stage One and the end of Key Stage Two, compared to pupils across England who got similar results at the end of Key Stage One.

The strongest subject was maths, in which 82 per cent of children achieved the standard, compared to 79 per cent nationally, writing was one percentage point better than the national average of 78 per cent and in reading 74 per cent reached the expected level compared to 73 per cent.

Cllr Maureen Bateson, Executive Member for Children’s, Young People and Education, said: “I am really encouraged to see these results and the number of schools which are performing well above average in the borough is wonderful. Some schools are measuring under this but we are working incredibly hard with everyone involved to raise standards.

“Our focus is always on supporting children and young people to achieve all their potential and this is testament to the hard work from all our children, teachers, parents and school governors.”


TOP of the table this year was St Gabriel’s CE Primary School, at which a near perfect 97 per cent of children left reaching at least the expected standard in the 3Rs.

Children at the Ofsted-rated outstanding school also made well above average progress in maths and reading.

The other schools which dominated the top five places were St Barnabas and St Paul’s CE Primary School, The Olive School, Fensicowles Primary School and Blackburn the Redeemer CE Primary.

And St Barnabas and St Paul’s CE Primary School ­— which was ranked number two ­— was the only school in the borough where children made well above average progress in all three subjects.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Pupils at The Olive School

The Olive School was placed number three.

Smeena Riaz, Principal of The Olive School, Blackburn, said: “We are pleased to have delivered another set of positive outcomes for our pupils. To be ranked within the top five per cent of schools nationally, for the percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and maths (combined), is a great achievement.

"These results are testimony to our pupils’ hard work and the expertise and diligence of our staff and parents who help to support their learning. However, we pride ourselves on more than just outstanding results.

"We are also proud that our pupils have developed good character, are informed and responsible citizens and have a commitment to serving their communities passionately.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Turton Belmont Primary School

The number one school for the number of children achieving at a higher standard ­— putting them in the top five per cent of pupils nationally ­— was Turton Belmont Primary School where 29 per cent achieved that standard, more than double the national average of 11 per cent. The local average is nine per cent.

Headteacher Judith Peel said: “We were delighted with our results, which are a tribute to the dedication of staff and diligence of pupils.

"Our ethos at Belmont Primary is to ensure that our curriculum is both creative and broad- preparing pupils with real life skills.

"We aim for our pupils to be confident and well-rounded as they move to high school.”