LIDL’S plans to scrap a second entrance at its new store in Blackburn are set to be defeated.

Earlier this year, the supermarket chain was granted permission to build a new town centre store at the Fix Auto site off Furthergate.

But bosses later applied to amend the plans and scrap a second entrance and exit on to Cherry Street.

Borough planners say the exit is necessary to limit the volume of traffic turning right out of St Clements Street onto Furthergate by offering a safer and more convenient alternative.

And a report is due to go before next week’s planning and highways committee saying Lidl has not submitted any evidence to prove otherwise.

Committee members are being recommended to reject the amended plan.

Members of Blackburn with Darwen Council’s planning and highways committee heard earlier this year approving the development at the Fix Auto site off Furthergate would bring 40 new jobs to the borough, as well as help to secure the future of Fix Auto and redevelop a site that could have turned into an eyesore.

Borough development manager, Gavin Prescott, said Fix Auto had told the council it was planning to relocate within the borough regardless of whether the Lidl development went ahead.

And he warned members if the Lidl proposals were not approved, it could leave the site to become derelict or be used for industrial development.

Casee officer Nick Blackledge said: "The council’s highway’s consultee has reiterated strong concern expressed at the time of the original application, in that support for the development, based on a single point of egress from the site via the St Clements Street and Furthergate junction would not be offered, on account of the volume of hazardous right turn manoeuvres across an oncoming three lane carriageway, in close proximity to a busy three arm junction.

"It is considered that an addition or alteration to the signals will not be possible without causing significant congestion along Furthergate and compromising drivers concentration levels due to what would be a complex series of signalled instructions and vehicular movements; thereby creating the conditions to create increased risk of collisions.

"Moreover, the presence of waiting buses within the bus lane would exacerbate the situation.

"The concession from the application in offering the secondary Cherry Street egress was seen as a suitable compromise to ensure delivery of the development, whilst mitigating highway safety concerns around turning right onto Furthergate, and having regard to the ‘fall-back’ position of an unrestricted B2 industrial use in the event of the current occupiers of the site vacating and the Lidl development failing to materialise.

"Contrary to the applicants Transport Assessment, the proposed amendment is considered to present a circumstance that could result in an excessive and inefficient use of the St Clements Street / Furthergate junction when turning right onto Furthergate; thereby ttipping the balance towards an unacceptable risk to highway safety.

"Moreover, no additional mitigation is offered to alleviate concern at the junction nor is any material change in circumstances identified since the original assessment."