There is a part of me that says this General Election has delivered a pretty alarming result insofar as my fellow countrymen have overwhelmingly voted in what is the most right-wing UK government in recent memory.

What we have had in recent years is a trend in populist votes propping up right-wing governments in the US, in Europe and now here.

Of course you will find some people saying it doesn’t matter too much that voters just wanted to move on from Brexit and this was the only way to do it even it meant sacrificing their ideals.

Blaming Brexit for Labour's ills is a little too easy though.

Members of the Labour Party clearly needs to take a long had look at themselves because people weren't sold the grand plans or the leader. There is not point trying to disguise the obvious before moving on to anything else.

I could be pessimistic and say this is a worrying state of affairs where it is possible to elect a person and a group of people who have taken misinformation to a new level. Sadly, this campaign used people’s prejudices against each other and bullied anyone who spoke up with any sort of common sense.

The problem we have is that we accept it as the norm now so to shock us into action we have to be more outspoken and more forthright in our opinions. Anyone who decides to steer clear of such nonsense is shouted down.

But at what point does that end? At what point do we decide to sit down and contemplate what we are about to say? Or do we just say it because we are in this new place where anything goes because it wins votes? And is this the beginning of something more sinister?

Backed by a partisan national press who were nothing more than a party propaganda machine we have seen a shift not seen since 1979.

But then again there is another part of me that feels relieved that finally we can move on. Hopefully in the coming months and years we will look back to today as a defining moment when the nation decided that it had had enough of a crippled Parliament and wanted to get things over and done with.

Maybe at this point in history this is what is required and things generally won’t actually change that much.

That part of me of me thinks well, if that is what folks want then there is no point moaning about it. The future won’t be that bad, we all still have got each other. We British are a resilient bunch all round.

Let’s hope all those people who voted Conservative aren't singing Last Christmas by Wham this time next year. That’s the pessimist in me talking again.