SACKED Apprentice star Lewis Ellis has vowed to keep getting body art ­– and says he may even get Lord Sugar's face inked on his skin.

His firing by Lord Sugar this week came as no surprise to viewers – after he clashed with the business tycoon on social media over his striking tattoos.

In Wednesday's episode – filmed earlier this year – the final five took part in the interview stage with four of the entrepreneur's most trusted advisers.

But the 28-year-old marketing guru from Haslingden was sent home alongside Pamela Laird and Lottie Lion.

Lord Sugar did however tell Lewis to 'keep in touch'.

After the show aired, he said: "So far, we keep in touch on Twitter.

"I get his point of view on my tattoos. I appreciate he's from a different generation.

"I never thought about Lord Sugar when I was getting my tattoos done, but I now will in future. I might get his face next time.

"There's no reason I couldn't include something Apprentice-based in my next tattoo and I might do that actually."

Lewis has now launched his own holidays business Hidden Travel.

He added: "My travel business has been started. I'm hoping to run the first tour next summer.

"Six months ago, this was my five to ten year plan.

"Through the process, I just thought, I've not got all the time in the world. Why not now?

"I found a business partner and the business is underway."

The marketing expert now hopes to follow in the footsteps of fellow East Lancashire Apprentice star Camilla Ainsworth, who made a success of her business plan after making it to the final two last year.

But Lewis was satisfied with how far he went in the process.

He added: "The final five is what I wanted. I was in it to win it, but I wouldn't have accepted anything less than final five.

"This was about my business plan and whether the one I had was investable."