A FIRE destroyed a barn full of hay and straw and damaged the adjoining farmhouse at Lower Bold Venture Park in Oswaldtwistle back in October 1979.

Firefighters had to run out hoses for a quarter of a mile to get water as they fought to stop the blaze from spreading to the house.

The barn was owned by farmer Wilf Rhodes, and it contained his entire winter supply of hay and straw for his dairy herd of 100 cows.

Mr Rhodes said: "I reckon the damage is at least £5,500. We will have to buy hay and straw and there is no chance of me affording to build another barn."

At the height of the blaze the gable wall of the stone built barn collapsed.

A tractor inside the barn was badly damaged, and some chickens that were in the building died.

Owners of the farmhouse, Derek and June Mason, who were out at the time, said: "Our house is a mess but it could've been worse. At least no-one was hurt."