HEADTEACHERS in Ribble Valley are counting the cost – after vandals raided two primary schools in one night.

Teachers from Salesbury Primary received a call from their security company about a break-in on Tuesday night.

Ribchester St Wilfrid’s was also raided.

Salesbury Primary head Clare Berryman said parents and staff had rallied to clear up the school.

Mrs Berryman, who has been at the school for five years, said: “They used a crowbar to enter through the front door then stole some petty cash in the office.

“We are an electronic payment school so there is very little cash on site.

“It is quite sad as we had our reception nativity play that night and we had mulled wine for visitors and that is where the cash was from.

“It is more about the impact it has had on school as we had another nativity yesterday afternoon and people could not come through the door earlier in the day.”

Mrs Berryman added that the children were re-assured after seeing police on site.

She said: “We told them they are safe but some of them were still upset as they have pride in their school.

“The other sad thing is that the door had only been replaced in September.

Angela Cottam, of Ribchester St Wilfrid’s, was frustrated as they were targeted at the same time last year.

She said:”It happened at 9pm on Tuesday night and they went straight for some cupboards where our safe used to be like last year.

“They have not gone into any of the classrooms just in the offices.

“We don’t leave any money on the property after what happened last year but we think it may have been the same people as they looked in the same places.

“All we have got now is a damaged window where they have got in but the kids are fine this morning.

“It is just the cost of having to repair the window and it is so hard at this time with our budgets."

The school is now in the process of having security lights installed.

Mrs Cottam added: "The worst thing is that they are stealing from the children as we are paying out to repair a window with money which could be used elsewhere.

"It is sad that we are not the only school which was broken into."