SEVERAL malicious letters threatening to bomb post offices in East Lancashire were received by workers today – forcing a least one outlet to close for the day over security concerns.

Ifthakhar Sarwar, the sub-postmaster at Scaitcliffe Post Office in Accrington, was at work when he received a letter addressed from a man named ‘Frederick J Pritchard’ – claiming to be a member of a far-right organisation.

The badly-written letter, which is addressed to ‘the terrorist postmaster’, was taken to the police who advised staff at the shop to close for the day so they could investigate the origins of the malicious note.

In the letter, post workers are told that an explosive device would detonate unless they drop bin bags of cash in a designated place.

A Lancashire police spokesman has since confirmed ‘a number’ of similar letters were sent to post offices across East Lancashire, but added they believed there ‘wasn’t any direct threat’.

Accrington man Mr Sarwar said he was angered when he read the contents of the letter, stating he had never before experienced such hate.

He said: “It is the Christmas period, we have an election looming, and someone has the audacity to do this.

“I was extremely angry and upset when I received the letter, but I think it is clear that it is a hoax. As a precaution the police have asked us to remain closed until they can investigate the matter further.”

The letter, which was typed out on white paper, stated that an ‘explosive device with very strong detonation had been placed inside the building.’

It continued: “It is imperative you do not remove your staff from their places or public.

“We can see you from outside. We are watching your every move and will know and retaliate with extreme vengeance if our instructions are ignored.”

The note then goes on to give instructions to Mr Sarwar, telling him to bring the ‘black bags’ out of the building and to walk down the alleyway.

The instructions tell him to only look forward and that any attempt to move around will result in him being ‘shot with a sniper’s rifle.’

Mr Sarwar added: “I have been the postmaster here for 20 years and have never experienced anything like this or had any trouble.”

A police spokesman said: “We understand this may cause concern and we want to assure people that we are working closely with the post offices involved to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

“We are carrying out extensive enquiries to understand the full circumstances and although there is not currently believed to be any direct threat, as with any report of this nature, they are all being thoroughly investigated.”

Contact police on 101 quoting log 0743 of December 10.