AN East Lancashire election candidate has been caught up in a racism row.

Rick Moore, standing for The Brexit Party in Blackburn, was filmed by Channel Four News standing by as one of its activists in Hartlepool insulted Muslims.

Local Brexit Party councillor David Mincher complained they were ‘outbreeding us’ and ‘live like animals’.

He also boasted he had once tried to bury a pig’s head, deeply offensive to Muslims, under a mosque being built in Hartlepool.

Mr Moore was standing beside Cllr Mincher, who has since been expelled from the Brexit Party, as he made the remarks.

Undercover reporters spent three weekends with Brexit Party campaigners in Hartlepool where its chairman Richard Tice is hoping to oust Labour. Mr Moore told the Lancashire Telegraph: “From the beginning Mr Mincher struck me as someone who very much liked the sound of his own voice. After 30 minutes I had switched off.

“I was mentally tired and not listening to Mr Mincher prattle on. I do not recall the conversation, but can well imagine me feigning attention. Had I been paying attention, I would have reported it to the party as those attitudes are totally unacceptable.

“ I do not endorse his behaviour, and I can only apologise for not paying attention so that I could have taken action.”

His Labour rival Kate Hollern said: “The comments were disgusting and not acceptable in Blackburn.”