YELLOW LINES painted outside a Hyndburn primary school by county hall chiefs were done by ‘mistake’.

In September, the Lancashire Telegraph reported how head teacher of White Ash School, Sarah Holt, was concerned about the new lines which meant parents could no longer park outside the school and buses had nowhere to wait for children on Thwaites Road.

Graham Jones, parliamentary candidate for Hyndburn, sent a letter registering his concerns about the yellow lines to transport chiefs at Lancashire County Council.

However, he received a reply saying the double yellow lines were ‘introduced before a statutory consultation had taken place.’

It added that it ‘was a mistake’ on their part and that a consultation is imminent and once the consultation is completed they ‘will amend the lines where necessary to maximise the available on-street parking’.

Mrs Holt said she was delighted by the news and says they will be providing their views for the consultation.

She said: “It is really nice to have it confirmed that the yellow lines may be amended but we will still wait for something to happen.

“It has been extremely challenging as we have 37 members of staff and 108 children being left for school by parents from cars.

“Some people are having to park across the road which creates its own dangers. There has been anxiety for residents trying to get out of their houses.”

Graham Jones, said: “I think they have admitted the mistake and I think this is good news for parents who have been affected by this.”

Cllr Sara Britcliffe, who was also representing residents, said: “The lines made it even more difficult for the children and the staff members and I was in contact with Lancashire County Council straight away who then came to assess it.

“It is essential that we make sure that White Ash School is not adversely affected by the new housing development and both myself and Cllr Haworth have been working closely with the school and will continue to do so to resolve this.”

John Davies, head of highways for Lancashire County Council, said: “The double yellow lines were painted on early, before they can be enforced, we will need to go through the Traffic Regulation Order procedures. In the meantime, I would remind people that under the highway code, they must not park too close to junctions or in a way that causes obstructions.”