A FARMER is warning dog owners to keep pets under control after one of his lambs was mauled and left to die.

John Pawson said he questioned whether it was worth continuing farming after the incident on Yellow Hill Farm off Lower Fold Farm, Under Billinge Lane, Blackburn.

The 40-year-old says it makes him ‘wonder if it is all worth it’.

He said: “We got a call from a member of the public who was walking on one of the paths and had seen the lamb sitting at the top of the hill not moving and it did not look right.

“We posted warning signs on our site as we form the 400-acre land near Witton Park and the dog walkers do ring us if something is up.

“When I got there I saw it was the victim of a dog attack.

“I think it is just savage what has happened as it has been bitten around its ears and then on the legs.

“We had to put it down as there was so much damage.

“We have had it in the past where sheep have been hurt but they can be sorted and it was not the case this time.

“It is the first time this year that a sheep has died.

“From our experience when dogs attack the sheep they don’t let go when they have caught the sheep.

"In this case the dog has made puncture wounds on the head and leg and then left.

“We think someone has been with the dog and told it to get away.

“It is so frustrating as all we want them to do is get in touch to tell us about it happening.”

John is calling on the people to come forward to find whoever was behind the incident overnight on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.

He said: “They have left my sheep to die and that is the worst thing about it.

“Most people do the job right by having their dog under control but then you get the small minority who are ruining it for everyone.

“It is illegal to have a dog that does this and we think it is a dangerous animal judging by the state of the attack.

“Someone knows what is going on as the dog will have blood around its face and a member of public will have seen a dog.

“We have been here since 1904 as the farm has been in the family since then.

“Two years ago we had to put some sheep down after they were attacked.

“But there is nothing we can do to sort it as the paths go on our land. We have not told the police about it because it is just one sheep and they won’t be able to catch anyone.”