REAL election candidates this week visited their ‘mock’ counterparts at a high school.

Marsden Heights Community College welcomed the contestants for Pendle on December 12 Andrew Stephenson (Conservative), Cllr Azhar Ali (Labour) and Cllr Gordon Lishman (Liberal Democrat).

They addressed a special assembly of 200 Year 10 students setting out their vision each for both the constituency and the wider world.

The politicians then held special coaching sessions for their student equivalents Katie McMillan (Conservative), Maryam Rani (Labour), and Hamnah Hussain (Lib Dem) to pass on expert advice on how to execute their campaign.

The young candidates then kicked off the college in Brierfield’s 2019 Mock Election with their opening campaigning speeches.

The special political morning touched on topics including Brexit, education, health, tax, the economy and Palestine.

The student campaign will continue until polling day with the candidates visiting a further five assemblies and creating a party political broadcast in an attempt to secure the student and staff vote. Students and staff can vote in the mock election on Thursday.