A CARE worker with a chronic illness is calling for the government to bring back treatment that helps lessen the pain.

Nadia Ahmed, 35, from Blackburn, is angry she cannot receive any more treatment for Fibromyalgia pain.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition causing pain all over the body, affecting sleep, depression, anxiety, and can cause short term memory loss and fatigue.

In June, Mrs Ahmed had NHS treatment at the Beardwood BMI health centre. She had an IV lidocaine infusion released into the blood to block nerve signals.

Mrs Ahmed, who has a 13-year-old son, said: “The surgeon said that due to government cutbacks, we are having to stop all treatment.

“I want justice for me and others who suffer from chronic illnesses. I want to get this petition to the government to ask them to bring back this treatment."

One treatment can cost anything between £1,000 to £3,000 and two a year are needed.

But Mrs Ahmed, senior care assistant at a residential home, said: “I can’t afford it, as a single mum. I feel like I have my life back with the treatment I had last week. I was on so many painkillers, and I have reduced that now. I feel happier and more like the old me again, but I know it won’t last.”

Fibromyalgia is still misunderstood by many people, but Mrs Ahmed hopes to create awareness of the reality of the condition.

She said: "It is like having 100 illnesses in one. I suffer with short term memory loss. Even at work I have to take regular rest breaks because my body can make things hard.

“It affects me mentally, I feel sometimes I do not want to go to work, but I go because sitting at home makes me even more depressed and I feel like I am on my own.

“I am in bed by half four because I have no social life, I am disconnected from friends due to the pain all over my body.

"I have been waiting years for this treatment, only to have it once.

“It is 24/7 pain and I want to make people aware that it is life changing and strips you of who you are.

“People do not understand it, they think it’s just a little but of pain, but this is more than that as it affects your daily life.”

To support the petition, go to http://chng.it/xCdfv8nJ