ALMOST 40 years ago to the day, residents were left to mop-up their homes and businesses when torrential downpours brought flooding chaos to East Lancashire.

Fire stations across the region were inundated with calls as rivers burst their banks and drains failed to cope with the horrendous deluge.

People living in Manchester Road in Baxenden were flooded for the second time in less than two years when a culvert became blocked and overflowed.

Edna Smith, an 85-year-old widow spent the night fighting the floods which poured into her home.

She said: "It's sickening, the water just poured in and there was nothing I could do despite the help of neighbours, relatives and friends.

"It was heartbreaking last time this happened but when it happens again you feel like giving up. Everyone had worked so hard to make their homes nice again and now we are back to square one."