AN appeal has been lodged after borough planners threw out a scheme to install a metal storage container for tyres at a car wash.

Blackburn with Darwen Council refused the application at 63 Whalley Banks in Blackburn and now an appeal has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in a bid to overturn the decision.

Earlier this week, police launched an investigation after a suspicious fire where two people were caught on film apparently pouring petrol on a pile of old tyres and setting fire to them on the yard.

The fire caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to neighbouring business RI Tyres.

Thick smoke billowed through the air over the Whalley Banks trading estate.

Planning officer Nick Blackledge said: "The proposal would result in the relocation of four car parking spaces.

"Although the number of spaces offered is deemed acceptable, having regard to the hours of trading conditions imposed on the car wash, the tyre fitting service and the restaurant which avoid associated parking conflict, it is considered that the proposed spaces will conflict with queuing traffic within the site associated with the car wash and tyre fitting service, in the sense that efficient movement in and out of the spaces will be unduly affected.

"The proposal would be positioned alongside a tyre fitting building on the adjacent site to the east.

"Although set back from Whalley Banks at a distance of circa 16m, it would, nonetheless, form a unacceptable visually obtrusive feature from a main route into the Blackburn town centre.

"Notwithstanding that the application site and the area generally to the south of Whalley Banks is commercial in nature, featuring a range of built form, the design of the proposal would fail to make a positive contribution to the local area being overtly

utilitarian in appearance and contrary to the good standard of design required.

A decision notice subsequently published by the council said: “The proposed building failed to constitute good design, by virtue of its general built form and use of inappropriate external materials, including colour, which would present as an overtly utilitarian and incongruous addition to the application site and wider street scene; contrary to Policy 10 of the Blackburn With Darwen Borough Local Plan Part 2.

“The proposed development would lead to conflict with customer traffic queuing within the application site awaiting the services available therein, due to the proximity of proposed relocated car parking spaces, to accommodate the proposed container.

“Such conflict when considered against the general site constraints, would lead to the displaced queuing of vehicles onto the public highway to the rear of the site, to the unacceptable detriment of highway safety and efficiency; contrary to Policy 11 of the Blackburn With Darwen Borough Local Plan Part 2.”